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Mountain bike routes

mountainbike blauwe lus Poperinge

This mountain bike ride has been mapped out by a few locals. He is billiards level, but no less challenging. There are some long off-road sections in the direction of Poperinge. He passes the Hoppe Museum . Ideal to combine your mountain bike ride with a visit to the Hoppe Museum or a terrace on the Grote Markt in Poperinge . At the horse market you can also eat something in the brasserie de Hommelzak. After you leave Poperinge via the Frimoutpark (the first astronaut Dirk Frimout was born in Poperinge) you will be given a solid piece of offroad next to the Vleterbeek. You will gradually notice that you are crossing some sloping fields of hops. The hops will take you to West-Vleteren , where you can only taste the best beer in the world from the Trappists of the Sixtus abbey 'In de Vrede'. Don't miss this opportunity! After you leave the St. Sixtus Abbey with a passage through the cave, you head towards the woods of Vleteren. The beautiful hop fields take you back to Poperinge, to reach Reningelst tired and satisfied via the bumblebee fields of Leffe Royale...

Reningelst, Westouter, Kemmel and Berthen are villages through which many mountain bikers rode. The course combines many off-road singletrack with acceptable altimeters for this part of the country. Proof of this is the organization of the BK Mountainbike 2018 on the Rode Berg aan de Kosmos.

The same hills (from left to right from the view of Poperinge) such as the Kemmelberg, Scherpeberg, Rodeberg, Baneberg, Vidaigneberg, Zwarte Berg, Mont Vert, Mont Kokereel, Boeschepeberg and Catsberg can also be climbed perfectly with the racing bike, as witnessed by the exciting finals in Ghent -Wevelgem!

This mountain bike ride of only 24 km brings the best of our region. You drive no less than 500 hm on 80% off-road course. Do not underestimate this ride, because at a high pace you are constantly driving in the red zone. When you drive outside Reningelst, you are immediately put under the wheels in the pre-guarded area of the Sulferberg, known for the legendary Belcanto classic. At the foot of the Sulferberg you climb off-road towards the Hellegat, where the climbers among us imagine themselves in heaven. Because it is immediately followed by the steep climb towards the top of the Rodeberg (Kosmos). Insiders know that they can almost touch the cherry tree of Eigen Kweek here. Just before the Kosmos parking lot, a nice off-road descent is started on crushed stone, followed by a long descent to the forests of Westouter. After this, the second ascent of the Red Mountain starts, including the immensely steep and technical pendulum climb to the Kosmos.

After this it goes towards the Baneberg and Vidaigneberg. In the meantime, enjoy (if this is still possible) the beautiful vineyards of the Heuvelland wines. After the Vidaigne, it heads towards the Belgian side of the Zwarte Berg, followed by the steps of the French side of the Zwarte Berg. Descending, the Zwarte Berg is left in the direction of Westouter to return to Reningelst.

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