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"After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb".

Nelson Mandela

Holiday home Velogies

The holiday home was completely renovated in 2010. Owner Dennis Logie, fascinated by vintage design, takes the renovation of the house in a highly original way. He furnishes the entire house with maximum openness and opts for some daring interior materials, such as steel, grille, polished concrete and wood. The inner skeleton is made of steel construction and supports the wooden skeleton. It provides an intriguing contrast between old and new, cozy and industrial.

After living in the house that was built in 1919 for more than 8 years, Dennis decides to share the beautiful region with friends, families and cycling enthusiasts. The house is opened up as a holiday home with a minimum of interventions. The kitchen island, the central place of the house, invites you to enjoy your loved ones and acquaintances during an aperitif and cooking. As a cook, you should therefore not miss out on the atmosphere in the house!

Dennis, a real cycling fanatic, will enthusiastically recommend some steep singletrack for the mountain bike. He can also recommend several nice addresses for the après bike!

Enjoy your stay and see you soon.

Dennis & Delphine

Kriekstraat 2
8970 Reningelst

holiday home velogies


0485 38 20 37

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